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From the athletes
I received my Power Pants V2 and love them. They are well-made, the material is high quality, warm lining, well-stitched and designed to be a tapered fit, something advantageous in training. Gabriel has a first-class site, easy ordering process, fast and efficient delivery and quality product. Highly recommended!
— John J W.
Easy best traning pants i've ever had!!!!
— Shimon M.
These are my favourite pants by far, good quality and just perfect for training in and so comfortable.
— John C.
Better than Nike because they are made to do weightlifting. I’m 6’0 225lb and the large fits me well even though my waist is ~35in. Of course the quads, glutes and calves are “poppin”. I can cut down to 215 and they still fit great
— JP Gray on Oct 03, 2022
Clearly a pair of pants with a lot of thought and training time reflected in its design. Reinforced gusseted crotch, paneling and a fitted but not tight fit address the problems other training pants have. The Olympic movements stress seams and our thighs usually lead to rubbing, pilling and holes in specific spots. These pants are reinforced in those specific areas and are comfortable for non-training use. Not too tight to look out of place around town. Highly recommended.
— O. Sanchez on Oct 30, 2022
So happy with these! Usually wearing Nikes or Virus pants I often times got frustrated because the material tends to rip (glued seams) or no stretchy enough for squats. Got these today and they are just a perfect fit. Strstchy, durable, well constructed. We will have an awesome time :) +handling speed and professionalism was top notch. Ordered on a late evening, got everything 2 days after. Perfect 👌🏼
— Michael on Nov 26, 2022
Contacted Gabriel directly to request shipping these to Canada. Paying import was 110% worth it, these are extremely comfortable. Material quality is great and the stitching seems to be top notch as well. The design and material stretch makes for zero binding at the bottom of squats. Will be ordering more of these in the future!
— Tyrone on Dec 08, 2022
The fabric that these pants are made of is really much better than any other mainstream brand. it’s soft and comfortable while being stretchy and durable. got many pairs of these and previous versions and they are my favorite.
— Pawel on Feb 14, 2023
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